Our Stay-at-Home Musings

Our Stay-at-Home Musings “Fears are tangible and may not be eliminated but we do not have to be controlled by them. When we change our thinking, we change the way

Adjusting to coming out of prison into a Covid 19 world

 I have been blessed with my freedom after 19 years of incarceration. I have been in Crossroads since October 2019, (the best decision I made after my release). In my

Letters & Insights | Maria

Mi experiencia hoy dia es saber como aprender a caminar de Nuevo en esta nueva oportunidad,que Dios me dio. Por la gracia de El estoy libre y me siento bien

Letters & Insights | Gloria

I was recently released from prison after serving 27 years on a life sentence. Sister Terry has been writing me letters of support for the past 15 years for my

Letters & Insights | Linda

People complain at times that we are on a “lockdown”.  In my experience, this is not a “lockdown” at all!  It merely changes the way I look at things. I

Letters & Insights | April 2020

Linda A. “If there is one thing I have learned from this process is how to adjust and move on in stride.” I was released from prison June 18, 2019