Support the Women of Crossroads


Each year Crossroads, Inc. helps women make the important transition from incarceration to self-sufficiency. They learn how to cook, garden, plan financially for their future and get much needed emotional and social support. More importantly, are given the chance to develop confidence, to feel wanted and to develop dreams for their future; dreams that have included reconnecting with families, entering the workforce and creating their own homes. Your donation will have a dramatic impact on the life of a woman in transition.


There are many ongoing projects that support the program and help prepare the women as they leave Crossroads.

Food Drive

Join our ongoing food drive by donating nonperishable foods that we use to make healthy, simple and inexpensive meals. Our goal is to help women learn to plan and prepare meals on their own.

Essentials Shopping List

We always need these basics to help our women transition to independence:

  • Target gift cards
  • Walmart gift cards
  • Stationary, envelopes, stamps, pens,
  • Bath gel, body lotion, body spray
  • Scarves, gloves, socks
  • Coffee mugs (positive saying on them would be nice), water bottles
  • Twin size sheets and pillow cases 
  • Twin size, light weight bedspreads – any shade but white
  • Umbrellas
  • Toilet paper
  • Hygiene items – full size shampoo, conditioner, body gel, lotion,mouthwash, hair conditioner

Clothes Drive

Women need to rebuild their wardrobes upon release from prison. They need clothes and shoes for work. Unfortunately, it can be expensive to replace basic clothing items. At Crossroads, we are always looking for quality donations of clothing. Gift cards for stores such as Target and Walmart are also appreciated.

Shoe Drive

Imagine beginning a new job and not having the appropriate footwear. Crossroads Inc. boasts an ongoing shoe drive to help women get started on the right foot!

"If it wasn’t for Crossroads, I wouldn’t be alive today or be the woman I am. They helped heal the past. I built a better future for myself and my children."

Sally, Former Resident


Crossroads, Inc. is always looking for volunteers. We need event volunteers, newsletter writers, general office help and more! Help spread the word about the program and connect our community to the women of Crossroads.

Contact our volunteer coordinator, Vicki Claudius, at (909) 626-7847 or email