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Our story starts in 1974.

Since 1974, the mission of Crossroads, Inc. is to provide housing, education, support, counseling, and employment readiness in a homelike environment for women who have been incarcerated. Open to any woman with any felony conviction, Crossroads is a leader in providing a way out of this revolving door. Our primary goal is to empower women with new skills to help them step out of the revolving door of prison and move towards economic independence.

Women released from prison face an uncertain and challenging future. They have $200 gate money in their pocket and have critical decisions to make. The need for housing and employment, coupled with low self-esteem and substance use disorder are significant factors that often perpetuate the revolving door of prison.

Crossroads is a leader in successfully providing a way out of this revolving door. We have assisted hundreds of women making the transition from incarceration to independence. Over 90% of women who stay at least three months at Crossroads successfully transition back into the larger community as self-sufficient, contributing members.

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