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News Sheet | Issue 2

Crossroads Takes on Unemployment Hurdle One of the big factors to recidivism is economic hardships. This can come in different forms such as poverty, unemployment and poor living conditions. For

Spring 2021 Newsletter

From Where I Sit – Spring 2021 I often think of the plaque in the Harvard House that reads: Home is where the story begins… Reflecting on the past year,

Winter/Spring 2021 Food Drive

Food Drive Monthly Donations These staples provide the “base” of many inexpensive and healthy dinners for our women. Crossroads, Inc. helps women plan and cook simple meals they can rely

Winter Newsletter

Download the Crossroads, Inc. Winter 2020 Newsletter From Where I Sit… Since our world began changing last February/March, my sense of time has gone awry. I have recurring OMG moments

Fall Newsletter

Download the Crossroads, Inc. Fall Newsletter From Where I Sit… More often than not, when I arrive at the office in the morning, I notice a handful of people sitting

Our Stay-at-Home Musings

Our Stay-at-Home Musings “Fears are tangible and may not be eliminated but we do not have to be controlled by them. When we change our thinking, we change the way