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Our Program

We are licensed by the California Department of Healthcare Services (DHCS). Our six-month substance use disorder residential treatment program provides services at no cost to the women. Crossroads is open to any formerly incarcerated woman. We have two homes in Claremont, California: Harvard House and San Jose House. Our women have comprehensive daily programming that consists of both group and individual sessions.
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We offer safe, supportive housing for women in our program.  Many women who are released from prison face significant challenges when looking for housing. We believe in a housing first model.  We are not a facility, we are a home.  We believe housing is a right and we treat women like they are family.


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Our dedicated team works closely with each individual to develop personalized plans and set achievable, incremental goals. We believe that small steps can lead to significant transformations, and we empower our clients to take charge of their lives. Case managers have an open door policy and are available to support Crossroads' women as they navigate their new lives.

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Reintegrating into society after being incarcerated is a critical and challenging process.  While some people who leave incarceration have a support system others do not.  To successfully transition  people who leave prison must acquire a range of life skills.  These skills include, critical thinking, working on self-esteem, managing stress and conflict, money management, gathering identification documents, getting health insurance and more. We provide alcohol and drug education, life skills, group therapy, individual case management, access to continuing education and more.

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We provide guidance and support to help our clients develop job seeking skills, create resumes, and prepare for interviews. We know that jobs and education provide a path forward so that our women can become self-sufficient. While at Crossroads women work and save 75% of what they earn so that they can build financial stability.

Crossroads, Inc. Group Photo
Crossroads, Inc. Group Photo

Reclaiming lives and restoring dignity: your donation makes a lasting impact on the lives of formerly incarcerated women.

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