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Assisting formerly incarcerated women transition from prison to self-sufficiency
Rising Women of Crossroads
A Crossroads, Inc. Social Enterprise
Claremont Chamber of Commerce Nonprofit Organization of the Year
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  • “After I left Crossroads, I kept thinking about what Sister Terry would say: just go to school.”

    Former Resident
  • “Working makes me feel like I’m just like everybody else”

    Former Resident
  • "Crossroads has not only changed my life, but also the lives of everyone around me. Because of the skills that I have learned at Crossroads, I have reestablished family relationships, and most important of all, I have learned to love and respect myself."

    Sally Former Resident
  • “A lot of us have never had the family structure, the right guidance...I’d never sat down at a dinner table in my life.”

    Former Resident
  • “We want the women in prison to know that they are not alone. Don’t have to worry about clothes, shoes, food, nothing. When applying to jobs, you don’t have to hide anything."

    Former Resident
  • "If it wasn’t for Crossroads and its staff giving me direction and helping me to correct the old behaviors that kept me returning to the street year after year, I really don’t know if I would be here today. I am grateful for Sister Terry and all of the Crossroads staff."

    Joy Ann Former Resident
  • "I’d be back in prison today if it had not been for Crossroads, especially Sister Terry who keeps on top of me by never letting me give up and making me aware that I am a human being that deserves a chance, and who constantly reminds me that I can do it. So because of Crossroads allowing me the opportunity to come here, I feel confident that it can only get better."

    Maritza Former Resident
  • “Crossroads has obtained an almost mystical reputation at CIW as being the most favored half-way house, and being allowed to parole there has become one of the most sought after attainments.”

    Vonda White Public Relations Executive, Convicted Women Against Abuse
  • “I felt safe here. They’re very perceptive about what’s going on, without you really saying anything, they know.”

    Former Resident
  • “Without Crossroads, I never would have gotten the job...within four months, I was manager... Crossroads taught me to communicate.”

    Former Resident
  • "If it wasn’t for Crossroads, I wouldn’t be alive today or be the woman I am. They helped heal the past. I built a better future for myself and my children."

    Angelita Former Resident
  • "Because of Crossroads, I started living an honest life and started being honest with myself, and it felt good to start over in life the right way. Crossroads has also taught me that I can set goals and accomplish them, and that I do not have to do this alone."

    Tamara Former Resident



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    August 10 @ 1:00 pm - 4:00 pm


The name is simple.
It suggests decision.
Crossroads is not a place to settle in or become dependent,  but a place from which to go on.
Crossroads is not the beginning or the end of a journey, but rather a place in the midst.
It is a place to stop and consider.

Time at the Crossroads is crucial time, a time that will determine the future.
Therefore, it present a challenge to the person who stops there.
A sign at the Crossroads spells out where the roads lead, but does not make the decision for the person seeking guidance.
As guides at Crossroads, the staff will also point out the roads, but the decision will be up to the person staying there.

If a resident at Crossroads should make a wrong decision – and later see the error, that person will go back to Crossroads, at least in thought, and remember what was learned there.

Time spent at Crossroads will never be wasted.

Yearly Bed Days Provided
Yearly Meals Provided
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Women Convicted for Non-Violent Drug/Property Crimes
Hours Education & Case Management
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Women Who Remain Self-Sufficient
Women in State or Federal Custody (2015)

Program Components

  • Assessment and Individualized Goal Setting

    Assessment and individualized goal setting to determine specific individual needs and develop goals. Residents build a plan after completing the six-month program.

  • Employment Assistance and Skill Building

    Turning Points Staffing Services (TPSS) is a three-week life skills program, followed by assistance in the search for employment. Essential emotional and social preparation to help re-enter the workforce are provided as well as assistance in employment search and financial management.

  • Group Sessions

    Group sessions include substance abuse, relapse prevention, anger-management, health, self-esteem, and relationships.

  • Development of Social Skills

    Development of social skills with group dinners and volunteer opportunities in the community.

  • Food Justice Program

    Food Justice Program: Community Gardening, Meatless Mondays and the Rising Women program.